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Since 1946 OCM Recanzone S.r.l., located in Biella, produces and exports high-quality industrial doors.

Our experience together with our passion help us to create ideal solutions in order to satisfy even the most particular demands.

We always propose all our customers the best quality-price ratio available on market.

You can choose between several different types of products, all extremely durable, such as high speed pack-away or rollup doors, partition walls, strip curtains, polyethylenen doors and much more.

While using our products you can save both money and energy! This is one of our main aims such as the constant research of safeguarding our planet and surroundings.

Moreover, our technical team will help you to consider which would be the best door to install in your plant and gives you all the information and details you need in order to make up your mind.

Each door is certified under the strict European Standards.

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