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Polyethylene Doors

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Industrial polyethylene door Polyethylene swing doors are an ideal solution for the food industry.

Suitable for the sharing of rooms where the hygienic and sanitary rules most be strictly observed.

They're mostly used in supermarkets, nourishing industries, pharmaceuticals and in hospitals.

Optimal solution for places with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Moreover they give a safe on time and energy costs..

Stainless steel structure AISI 304 realized with a special sheel anti-deforming system. Polyethylene leaves, thickness 20mm.

Transparent and unprojecting portholes can be stuck on leaves.

The opening is in either directions and closed itself when released (thanks to a twisting-spring system).

These doors can be also realized in a rolling sideways movement.

The installation is rapid and easy as the repairing.

The high quality of materials used, guarantee a long functionality.

Description Details Documents Gallery
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