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Welding Screens

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The Screenflex grade is a material manufactured with plasticized polyvinyl chloride* and additives in order to improve its technical performances in the protection of persons using arc welding processes.

The Screenflex grade complies with all requirements of the European Standard 1598 regarding optical protection and resistance to fire. It comes in the form of strips and sheets.

(*) Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a polymer obtained by polymerization of the monomer vinyl chloride. A synthetic material composed of hydrocarbon (from oil) and chloride (from salt), it is one of the oldest (1930) and most proven plastic materials.


Curtains and strip doors forming a transparent or opaque protective screen for arc welding processes:
  • Separation of interior spaces
  • Isolation / separation of welding booths
  • Isolation / separation of welding workshops


Plastik in reels idael for the creation of welding screens.

European Standards

Transmission 4.1 EN 1598
Transmission factors are measured between 210 and 1400 nanometers.
The transmission factor should be: less than 0,002 % between 210 and 313 nm, less than 3% between 313 and 400 nm.
The risk index I between 400 and 1400 nm.

Reflection 4-2 EN 1598
The reflection factor between 230 and 400 nanometers should be less than 10% and light reflection should be less than 10%.

UV stability 4.3 EN 1598
Relative transmission variation in visible light should not be greater than +/- 20%

Fire safety or resistance to combustion 4.4 EN 1598
The burner flame test should not reach a certain height on the sample (150 mm).
The sample should not continue to smolder after removal of the burner.

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